Enamel Kitchenware by Cathrineholm of Norway

Set of Four Trivets
Set of Four Trivets from a 1960s New York Gift Show

Cathrineholm enamel cookware & kitchenware is now the rage amongst collectors and designers alike. As dealers of antiques & vintage merchandise, we track, spot and monitor the latest trends, so that we may obtain and provide these goods as quickly as possible for an eager public.

Two More Trivets
Two More Trivets from the New York Gift Show

Enamelware by Cathrineholm of Norway had its heyday in the United States in the 1960’s and 1970’s. In the mid 20th century, or “mid-century” period, Cathrineholm was available to upscale customers, much like Calphalon or Le Creuset are today.

The Blue Diamond Platter
The Blue Diamond Large Platter by Cathrineholm of Norway

Cathrineholm began producing iron goods in 1907 and made utilitarian ware for industry and farming. Later in the 20th century, the focus changed to the production of household kitchenware. These wares evolved into the fine enamel kitchen & cookware we know so well today. Lately, in a recent episode of Mad Men, a conference table was laid out with Cathrineholm bowls in various colors…”I’ve got all those colors!” I exclaimed.

From its peak of popularity in the 1970s until very recently, Cathrineholm kitchenware had been all but forgotten. However, numerous households continued to use the product during the interim. As a child of the 1960’s, I fondly remember the Cathrineholm cookware and enamel kitchenware that graced our home as I was growing up and a visit to my parents’ house to this day is a pleasant reminder of those times.

My father was one of the principal representatives for Cathrineholm products in the U.S. in the 1960s, so the old home kitchen is still filled with the enamel pots, fondue sets, platters and bowls of all shapes, colors and sizes. He even designed advertising copy for New York Times magazine in the 1960s.

Bowling in Norway
Bowling in Norway with Cathrineholm ~ 1960s Ad Proof

As an active seller on eBay since 1997, I was not surprised when I saw the sudden spike in popularity of my beloved Norwegian enamelware. Like the other crazes that erupt in the designer and collector venues, the Cathrineholm enamelware pieces, like a fine wine, had reached their peak of vintage for consumption by a new market of designers and collectors. The Cathrineholm pieces speak of good taste in mid-century & modern furnishings and entertaining accessories.

Aspetuck Antiques was created to raise the bar several notches above having a presence on eBay alone. Aspetuck Antiques will continue to sell on eBay simply because it is well suited for certain very specific categories, but it is here on our new website that you will find the best of our upscale and designer goods.

Grete Prytz Kittelsen
Grete Prytz Kittelsen ~ The Mona Lisa of Cathrineholm

Cathrineholm’s world-renowned designers included Grete Prytz Kittelsen, who was responsible for most of the chic, attractive and popular designs we see for sale today. While doing a little research for this blog entry, a fellow blogger posted this link to an incredible photographic collection of Cathrineholm; posted by an avid collector of Danish modern.

Being of Danish descent myself, I will be taking some extra steps to list as many Scandinavian modern items on our Aspetuck Antiques website as I can. We will also be writing short articles about the different manufacturers.

If you have a field of collecting that you want to share, feel free to submit an article, material for an article, or a link to your site and we will be glad to review it for publication! All we ask for is a link from your site to ours & we will gladly return the favor.

Coming Soon:
~ Other online exhibits
~ A bit about Scandinavian modern
~ List of different manufacturers.
~ Makers’ and quality marks & how to date pieces.
~ Condition, rarity, evaluation & top prices paid.

3 thoughts on “Enamel Kitchenware by Cathrineholm of Norway

  1. I have an 11″ Cathrineholm bowl of mustard yellow color and I am wondering what the worth of this piece is. It is in very good condition, no nicks or cracks. If you cannot answer this, is there a web site which could show me this item? Thank you. Sonja

    1. Hello Sonja, The Cathrineholm bowl of yours is in a good, collectible color. I’m not sure what pattern you have, but it’s likely the Lotus pattern. Much of the yellow enamel was produced in this immensely popular pattern.

      The yellow color is a little bit scarcer than other colors, such as the orange and white enamel. The range of prices can be dramatic and the estimated value I am giving you is based on what I see similar items selling for. I would expect a healthy retail price to be about $135.00 to $185.00, assuming I guessed the correct pattern.

      Actual value is subjective, so this may vary. If you are in need of selling, eBay can be a good marketplace for Cathrineholm. I hope this helps.

      I will be listing numerous pieces on the Aspetuck Antiques website in upcoming months and I will have prices that are listed at fair market value.


      1. I recently purchased a lovely teal blue Catherineholm tray with lines running east/west. It has a steel bottom.The dimensions are 27.5 cm x 11.5 cm. Do you know what year this piece was produced and it’s approximate value?


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